Our bottle odyssey

A foil-windsurfing expedition on a board 3D printed from littered plastic bottles. From the Seine river to Rhine rivermouth. This 8 day expedition will mark the countdown to World Clean Up Day.


The Plastic Soup Surfer fights for the introduction of deposit fee in Europe as a means to prevent plastic bottles from being littered.

You can help! I challenge you to Pick Up 10 littered bottles and ‘snap’ your catch using our fun and easy webapp: PickUp10.org. With your data we can go up to European policymakers and companies.

The iconic rivers the Seine and the Rhine are chosen as start and finish because of their role in the transportation of plastic waste from inland sources; emphasizing ‘Plastic Soup’ is not an abstract problem but is tangible and starts as litter in your own back yard. The finish in The Hague coincides with World Clean Up Day on 15th of September which fully supports his key message.