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Plastic Avengers Manifest

These 5 directives are essential to anyone - individual, NGO, company or legislator - that wants to practically and effectively fight plastic pollution. To really stop the flow of plastic entering our ocean we need to change our attitude towards plastic!

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The Plastic Soup Surfer fights plastic pollution using his surfboard as a weapon. His campaigns combine plastic pollution awareness with creativity, innovation and constructive calls to action.

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In the spring of 2018 the Dutch parliament instated new policy that will see Deposit Fee on small plastic bottles by 2021 thus preventing tens of millions of bottles entering our environment every year. This policy was based on the ‘Plastic Soup Surfer resolution’ that was adopted a year earlier.

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Let’s do something!

We are starting to drown in our plastic pollution. It is endangering all life on earth. We need to act now.

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Upcoming events

Presentation at Kraft Heinz

March 27th - 2019

Presenting our vision on Plastic Pollution at the Kraft Heinz Team Days - Theme: Sustainablity at their Innovation Center in Nijmegen 27th of March


April 9th - 2019

'Plastics in the Environment'Conference organized by German ministry (BMBF) Berlin

Lezing Plasic op Bali Museum Volkenkunde Leiden

April 13th - 2019

Lezing en Panel Zondag 14 april 2019 van 13:30 - 15:00 Meer info: museum volkenkunde leiden

Past events

Panel International Conference on Plastics

March 20th - 2019

21/03/2019 Mons Belgium


Canal Cleanups

March 17th - 2019

9mrt Leiden, 16mrt Amersfoort, 17mrt Utrecht (+ presentatie Arnhem 17mrt)

meer info op of

Madrid - PES Election Congres

February 23rd - 2019

Presentation and panel debate on plastic pollution. Together with Frans Timmermans (the EU SUP directive initiator) and several Socialst Prime Ministers.

Plastic Avengers Conference Amsterdam 2019 - Pakhuis de zwijger

February 8th - 2019

To unite the independant fighters in the greater battle against plastic we organised the first conference to empower the existing community.

Nairobi Blue Economy Conference presentation

November 26th - 2018

Inspirational speech for policymakers at Global Blue Economy Conference (co hosted by Japan and Canada). Invite by ministery of foreign affairs Netherlands

Film bij Verenigde Naties

June 5th - 2018

Film vertoning en Plastic Soup Surfer presentatie in 'Palais de Nations' van de UN in Geneve op 'World Environment Day' - Thema Plastic Pollution

Filmvertoning bij Heineken

March 6th - 2018

Vertoning 'From Source to Sea' en presentatie bij Heineken hoofdkantoor Zoeterwoude

Film vertoning in Tweede Kamer

February 22nd - 2018

22 feb. 14u "From Source to Sea" wordt vertoond voor Kamerleden en geinteresseerden. Aansluitend discussie. AANMELDEN