Creative campaigning against plastic pollution!

Taking action

Public campaigns

Our 2016 surfing record attempt was the start to a petition, which eventually led to a resolution which was then used for new policy.

Alle campaigns

Organizing vision

Uniting the community of plastic-warriors we stay focussed and become stronger. We keep developing our vision on a sustainable approach to plastic.

Plastic avengers

Dialogue and presentations

Regular meetings with legislators and companies, frequently giving talks and showing our films enables us to influence the public debate on plastic.



Upcoming events

Film in Anna Paulowna

April 25th - 2019

'From source to sea' met persoonlijke inleiding vertoond in MFA 'de Ontmoeting' va 20u 25 april Info Facebook 'zwerfie Anna Paulowna' Hoop je daar te onmoeten!

VUADE meeting Dregens

May 7th - 2019

Keynote VAUDE meeting Dregens Austria Tuesday 7 May

more info:

Powerkite clinic

May 11th - 2019

powerkite clinic for the great bubble barrier crowdfunders!

Film vertoning Hilversum

May 11th - 2019

Film 'from source to sea' met persoonlijke inleiding Bij 'de Groene Afslag' Hilversum


Presentation Rijkswaterstaat

May 16th - 2019

Presenting our vision on Plastic Pollution at Rijkswaterstaat Den Haag event.

College tour met Humberto Tan

June 6th - 2019

Plastic Challenge Academy College tour setup: 6 juni Kamerlingh Onnes Universiteit Leiden


Past events


April 9th - 2019

'Plastics in the Environment'Conference organized by German ministry (BMBF) Berlin


April 2nd - 2019

EU vice President Frans Timmermans will launch - with the vision on a sustainable approach to plastic. Be there! Stadhuisplein Leiden 16.15

Madrid - PES Election Congres

February 23rd - 2019

Presentation and panel debate on plastic pollution. Together with Frans Timmermans (the EU SUP directive initiator) and several Socialst Prime Ministers.

Nairobi Blue Economy Conference presentation

November 26th - 2018

Inspirational speech for policymakers at Global Blue Economy Conference (co hosted by Japan and Canada). Invite by ministery of foreign affairs Netherlands

Film vertoning in Tweede Kamer

February 22nd - 2018

22 feb. 14u "From Source to Sea" wordt vertoond voor Kamerleden en geinteresseerden. Aansluitend discussie. AANMELDEN

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Let’s do something!

We are starting to drown in our plastic pollution. It is endangering all life on earth. We need to act now.

Take action!