Back upstream with the bailiffs

We have reached our goal of 10 bailiffs (in Dutch: deurwaarders)! Ten bailiffs who will confront ten CEO's of the plastic producing and packaging companies whose litter I found in the Rhine.


There is a direct relation between the plastic products of these companies and the effects it has on the environment, sea life and eventually us human beings. Once a CEO is made aware of this through the warrant, it morally implies he has to take corporate responsibility and minimize the effects for example through product design, logistics and communication.

We make CEOs ‘Formally Aware’ of the plastic pollution problem by sending them a ‘judicial awareness notice’. A notice borrowed from Patent Law but in our case uniquely applied for the plastic pollution problem. The great thing about this Formal Notice is that we can address it to a particular CEO and company and have a bailiff to deliver it in person. Deployed carefully we managed to start a dialog on plastic pollution with several of these very powerful people.

From now on the companies and CEOs we visited can never claim they didn’t know...