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Operation SplashPlastic | SpatPlastic

Help stop plastic designed to be thrown in our streets and environment. There are many alternatives for water fun 💦! With your data from the streets we will confront the companies. 

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Operatie SpatPlastic | Operation SplashPlastic

Splash Plastic is litterally plastic designed to be thrown in with. Bursting appart in our streets, parks and environment. Once waterballoons burst they are very hard to pick up or clean up. 

There are many many alternatives to this type of waterfun. Ranging from reusable watersponges to just plain waterguns. Our priviliged first world kids are not deprived of anything essential by denying them SplashPlastic. It is for their future that we want to shift the balance of responsibility to marketeers and companies. They should stop putting profit over the environment. Splashplastic is designed to pollute the environment.

Plastic Avengers campaign

For this campaign we once again called on the community to help us in gathering data. By taking photographs of the left over pieces of SplashPlastic we fill our database with evidence. These numbers we use to confront companies selling these products.

Noteworthy: it is much the same retail companies that recalled 'Cracklingballs | Knetterballen' from their store shelves last december that are now selling SplashPlastic.

Last winter the Plastic Avengers confronted major retailers like Hema and Albert Heijn with over 60.000 photographs of littered plastic shards; the remains of another type of 'litteraly throw away plastic'. They seemed to understand our logic. How can a company claim to handle single use plastic responsibly when at the mean time selling these type of products? The entire Dutch retail stopped selling fireworks with plastics. Now we are at them again. With the same plea. No plastic designed for pollution.

Operation Splashplastic | Operatie SpatPlastic is a Plastic Avengers campaign initiated by the Plastic Soup Surfer and the Zwerfinator. It uses data from the Plastic Avengers app and Litterati.

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