The Plastic Soup Surfer

Merijn Tinga, better known as The Plastic Soup Surfer, is on a mission. He wants to stop the increasing plastic pollution of the marine environment. His campaigns are aimed at preventing plastic litter. The surfboards he used for this expedition are made from plastic litter and are a statement by themselves.

Merijn Tinga is a trained biologist, has a career as a visual artist and in now a full time plastic activist.

Plastic waste should not exist at all, it should be regarded as a resource.

Plastic waste facts & figs

20.000.000 kilos of waste are spilt into the North Sea each year, most of which is single use plastic. Plastic does not break down biologically, but breaks up into even smaller pieces and accumulates in our marine environment. These small pieces of plastic have infiltrated every level of our food chain and by now, we are finding microplastics in supermarket fish and on our dinner plates. Plastic production has increased 20 fold within the last 50 years. If we continue the way we do, there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans by the year 2050.

20 million kg Waste spilled into the North Sea every year, mostly plastic
75 million Plastic bottles in the Dutch environment every year
80 thousand kg Of plastic waste down the Rhine into the North Sea every year
2000 kg / sq km Plastic waste on every square km of beach worldwide
94% Of plastic waste sinks, further slowing the degradation process
Plastic production increased 20 fold in the last 40 years
80% Reduction in plastic bottles waste with a 10 cent deposit
95% Reduction in plastic bottles waste with a 25 cent deposit
100.000 Sea mammals die as a result of marine plastic pollution each year
1.000.000 Sea birds die as a result of marine plastic pollution each year

Changes in design and legislation should be acted upon with priority wherever there is risk of plastic litter ending up in a river, lake or sea.



The Plastic Free Sea Foundation is a non profit organization and is run by volunteers. Our goal is to increase the awareness on the effects and dangers of plastic litter in our marine environments. Campaigns are focused on preventing more plastic ending up in our seas.

Our foundation is a public benefit organisation (ANBI status).