Plastic Soup Surfer

My name is Merijn Tinga, the Plastic Soup Surfer. With a growing group of people I fight against plastic litter, the cause of the plastic soup.

Plastic litter threatens the life in oceans, seas, rivers and on land. It even threatens human life because it degrades into microplastics that enter our bodies.

I am surfing and supping over rivers and seas on a board made of plastic litter and put pressure on politicians and companies. With success. Will you help us?

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Stop plastic pollution

Disposable plastic waste must stop. As simple as that! Otherwise, the plastic soup will grow and grow. What does it take to solve the plastic waste problem?
• deposits and reuse of plastic packaging
• ban on plastic in disposable packaging that ends up in the environment
• tax on the raw material for new plastic in order to make new plastic more expensive than recycled plastic

Actions, campaigns, pressure

I broke surf records on a plastic surfboard and went down the Rhine on a supboard to put the plastic waste problem on the agenda, enforce measures and remind companies of their responsibilities.

Together with Zwerfinator Dirk Groot and the Plastic Avengers, I map out the plastic pollution of the companies that have the largest share and put pressure on them to reduce this. Now Mars, responsible for huge amounts of plastic litter.

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Recent results

2021/2023: deposit on all plastic bottles and cans
The Dutch House of Representatives motion written by me will be implemented: in July 2021 a deposit will be made on all plastic bottles and in 2023 also on cans.

2019-2020: crackling balls, splashplastic, water balloons, plastic confetti
Large retail companies have stopped selling highly polluting crackling balls, splashplastics, water balloons and plastic confetti; amendment in EU Green Deal.

2020: Frans Timmermans Plastic Avengers Ambassador
Frans Timmermans, vice president of the EU, becomes Plastic Avengers Ambassador and launches the Plastic Avengers manifesto.

2020: AntaFlu
AntaFlu now packs sweets in waxpaper instead of plastic wraps.

Current campaign: #MissionMars

The wrappers of Mars products such as Mars, Snickers, M&M's and Bounty are one of the biggest sources of plastic pollution. With our Plastic Avengers app. We collect photos of discarded Mars wraps and we go to Mars Netherlands to discuss their responsibility for this.

Together with Mars and 'Nederland schoon' (packaging industry), we are looking for ways to minimize the number of plastic wraps that end up in the environment.

Help collect photos of Mars wrappers with the Plastic Avengers App.

Plastic Talkshows

In 2021 we will look for the best ways to combat the plastic soup problem, together with scientists, activists, politicians and people from the business world. We do this in our Plastic Talkshows: 10 shows on Youtube in which we discuss new facts, visions and strategies to solve the problem.


Many companies and organizations are struggling with the question of what they can do in the field of sustainability and reducing plastic litter. The Plastic Soup Surfer helps them minimizing their plastic footprint with presentations and advice.

In Action

EU Vice President Frans Timmermans launches the Plastic Avengers Manifest

Public campaigns

We need to close the tap on plastic pollution. The plastic soup problem does not start in the oceans or in the rivers; it starts on land. Solutions should also be found on land therefore. Plastic is a fantastic material. The way we handle it is far from fantastic. Plastic has proven to be the catalyst to a 'Throw Away Culture'. Our society is designed around 'single use'. A change has got to come. 

We are taking action...  Get involved!


Organising vision

We organize impact to make the plastic transition happen. We are uniting the community of 'Grass Roots' plastic-warriors to increase our influence. We organize conferences and campaigns, we make documentaries, give presentations regularly and keep the community updated on whats happening in the world of plastic through our 'Plastic Soup Surfer' YouTube Channel.

Plastic Avengers Conference
Plastic Soup Surfer interview by BRT (Belgium national TV) during campaign

Dialogue & presentations

Regular meetings with legislators and companies, frequently giving talks and showing our films enables us to influence the public debate on plastic. Organise a screening of one of our films or Invite the Plastic Soup Surfer for the future vision on plastics. Plastics is tangible and that makes change visible. 

See the documentary 'From Source to Sea' here. Director Eelke Dekker.


Let's do something!

We are starting to drown in our plastic pollution. It is endangering all life on earth. We need to act now.


Video 'From source to sea'

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