Paddling down the entire river Rhine on a board made from plastic waste: from its pristine source in Switzerland to where it empties into the North Sea after 1200 kilometres. Along with all the plastic waste it has gathered.

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Upcoming events

Travel day to the source of the Rhine

June 1st - 2017

june 1st we will travel up to Switzerland - to the source of the Rhine high up in the Alps

Start near the source of the Rhine

June 2nd - 2017

Supping on the rapids of the Rhine in the Swiss Alps

Depart event - sun 4th - Konstanz

June 4th - 2017

Organisation of Depart event in Konstanz at 0 kilometer sign of the Rhine.

Arrival Karlsruhe - Sun 11th

June 11th - 2017

Planned arrival at Karlsruhe sunday 11th june

Arrival Bonn - saturday 17th

June 17th - 2017

Planned arrival in Bonn on saturday the 17th.

Arrival Arnhem Friday 23rd

June 23rd - 2017

2nd day in The Netherlands. Event organisation in progress.

Tuesday 27th - arrival event in Rotterdam

June 27th - 2017

Planned arrival in Rotterdam. The next day the Plastic Soup Surfer will symbolicly end his journey by reaching the North Sea.

July 2nd Arrival Leiden

July 2nd - 2017

Supping from Katwijk over the Old Rhine and arrival of Plastic Soup Surfer in hometown of Leiden.

Past events

Radio 2 Roodshow interview

May 3rd - 2017

Radio 2 Roodshow interview om 22.30

May 8th Presentation Source2Sea

May 8th - 2017

Monday May 8th 12o clock we present #source2sea at the TU Delft Science Center