Paddling down the entire river Rhine on a board made from plastic waste: from its pristine source in Switzerland to where it empties into the North Sea after 1200 kilometres. Along with all the plastic waste it has gathered.

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Upcoming events


January 30th - 2018

ENKEL OP UITNODIGING. De 50min film van Eelke Dekker over de Plastic Soup Surfer Expeditie van afgelopen zomer.

Landgoed het Hof

February 1st - 2018

Presentatie voor "Duurzaamdiner" Blooming in Bergen weareblooming.nl

Keynote NVRD dag

May 30th - 2018

Inspirational speech for Nederlandse Vereniging Reinigingsdiensten

Past events

Presentation Gemeenten4GlobalGoals

November 30th - 2017

Inspirational speech at KIMO, Gemeenten4GlobalGoals, Rijkswaterstaat/Min Infra & milieu. Conferentie: geen plastic naar zee


November 29th - 2017

Rabobank Circular economy challenge

Pitch at 'Dag van de Wetgeving'

November 14th - 2017

Pitch (Pecha Kucha - twice) at "dag van de wetgeving" - organised by the ministery of safety and justice.

Lecture at the Junior Chamber International World Congres 2017

November 9th - 2017

Inspirational presentation on catalyzing change the 'Plastic Soup Surfer' way. (Kofi Annan as opening Keynote speaker).

Keynote - Inspiratie event SPARK MVO Leiden

October 31st - 2017

Op hét MVO-platform voor de Leidse regio inspireren sociaal bewuste ondernemers elkaar.

Keynote Greenpeace team dag

September 28th - 2017

Inpirational speech and Q&A for Green Peace Head Office Amsterdam as kick off for their team building day.

Opening address Academic year Leiden University

September 4th - 2017

Every year the Academic year is traditionally opened in the Pieterskerk Leiden. This year the Plastic Soup Surfer has the honour to deliver the opening address.