Why we need a plastic transition

Current approach is not working

Ever since plastic was introduced in the fifties, consumers have been told that they are responsible for the pollution. We are told that cleaning up and recycling is the solution. This view results in 8 billion kilos of plastic spilling into our seas and oceans annually.

What needs to be done

The problem of the plastic pollution starts way before it reaches our oceans, our seas, our rivers and waterways. The problem starts on land and structural solutions should also start on land. At the source. In the companies that produce these plastics that finally end up in our oceans.

The sustainable way

So how can we handle plastic in a sustainable way without the pollution? Companies and legislators play a huge role. But we as consumers have to play our part as well. A community of active citizens are crucial to make the difference! Join us!

What the Plastic Soup Surfer does

We do surf expeditions for awareness. We focus that attention on companies and legislators. We confront companies with our campaigns, bailiffs and judicial instruments. We talk to politicians, start petitions and write resolutions. We unite the community of plastic-warriors. Together we developed a manifest with our vision on a sustainable approach to plastics - without the pollution.

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Stop plastic pollution at the source!