Your photograph is evidence

The Confetti Experiment

Carnaval is a great celebration! Let's party on but without the plastic pollution. No more plastic confetti. Help us gather evidence to persuade carnaval-associations, municipalities and the province to use alternatives by taking photographs.

Stop Plastic Confetti once and for good!

Plastic Confetti is a nightmare to clean up, gets stuck between the pavement, washes away in gutters and much of it desintegrates into smaller pieces: micro-plastics. There are many biodegradable alternatives to 'Plastic Confetti'. Carnaval is much older than plastic.

To show municipalities, the province, water-authorities and carnaval associations the scale of the problem we ask you to join us!

Take a photograph of the remains of plastic confetti you find in the street, gutter and sidewalks using our 'Plastic Avengers' App (for Ios and Android). With the data we can persuade the authorities to rewrite permits or simply ban the use. 

The photograph you make will have direct impact!

Join the movement! Go to the App Store or Play Store now and download the 'Plastic Avengers' app for free!

Download the app

Please also sign the petition against the use of Plastic Confetti by Rene Rovenkamp

This is 'Plastic Avengers Project' initiated by Zwerfinator & Plastic Soup Surfer

This is their third project together: See how they got plastics banned from fireworks or stopped sweetscompany Pervasco from using plastic wrappers. (videos below)

No more plastic in fireworks.

The 'Blastic Deal" (Knalplastic Convenant) was signed by 20 Dutch companies including firework importers. This new Dutch Norm we will now take to Brussels.

The power of data:

The 'Antaflu' plastic sweets wrappers are found littered everywhere. Collecting data by photographing the wrapper and by using judicial persuasion in the form of bailiffs we pushed this sweets-company into switching to wax-paper instead of plastic.