#Coronalitter study

A study on the scale of coronagloves, facemasks and other covid-19 protective materials

We want to study Coronalitter: what is the scale of the problem? With enough data we may be able to identify sources and help look for solutions. We need your photographs of Coronalitter you bump into!

YOU ARE STRONGLY ADVISED NOT TO TOUCH THE CORONALITTER! We want no part in the spreading of the virus. Stay safe and follow your national guidelines.

This #coronalitter study is a Plastic Avengers Project: a collaboration between Dirk Zwerfinator Groot and the Plastic Soup Surfer

Corona litter

You have all started to notice the plastic gloves and facemasks in the streets.

But how many are there? Where are they found? What is the scale of the problem? 

In this first study we want to gather data on the whereabouts of this Corona litter. When we have enough data we may be able to identify sources and help out in prevention.

Preliminary conclusions (June 2020) based on 6347 pictures by +200 users: Corona-litter is very visible due to our sensitivity as a society related to the pandemic.  Nontheless littering of Corona related products - like facemarks and gloves -accounts to less than 1% of regular litter.

Remarkable: corona litter is a result of use by people deemed more conscious and vigilant - protecting themselves from the virus.

Based on our data; the image occurs that corona-litter follows regular ‘litter behavior patterns’ (loss and discarding as a result of our throw-away society)  Our advise is to use reusable masks since they seem to be handled with more care than the single use types.

Full conclusions and report on www.zwerfinator.nl

We need you to help us gather that data. Please use our easy to use Plastic Avengers App to photograph Coronalitter you come across.

We strongly advise you not to touch the coronalitter. Only take a pic. We want no part in the spreading of the virus. Please be responsible and follow your national covid-19 guidelines.

This #coronalitter study is initiated by the Zwerfinator and the Plastic Soup Surfer

The #coronalitter study

Help out in our #coronalitter study! Just take photographs of coronalitter you come accross. Super easy!

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The photograph you make will have direct impact!

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