Target those in power!

While paddling down the Rhine, I’ll pick up plastic waste from the water. I’ll find out which company is responsible for producing this waste and send a bailiff (Dutch: deurwaarder) to their offices. He will hand over a notice (Dutch: desbewustheids exploot) to a top executive of the company uninvited and in person.

Let the CEO know!

We need to decrease the amount of plastic waste in the ocean and we need to do it now. There is a direct relation between the plastic products of big companies and its effects on the environment, sea life and eventually, us human beings.

By sending CEOs an official notice, I ask them to take responsibility for polluting the oceans and look for alternatives. They are able to make a decisive impact straight away. We’re taking on a big goal: generate attention and arise discussion to raise awareness among consumers and legislators.

Total sold 105.2%

In September we're sending a bailiff (deurwaarder).


Soda company

Focus: return systems

Packaging company

Focus: design and communication

Microbead company

Focus: loss via waste water

Plastic industry

Focus: loss via processing

A shortlist with the names of the nominated companies will be published in July.