CEO Warrant

An 'Awareness Warrant' (desbewustheids exploot) is a Dutch judicial notice delivered by a bailiff (deurwaarder) and addresses a real person. Our warrants address twenty CEOs of twenty powerful companies. Men and women who have decisive influence to evoke change to reduce ‘their’ impact on our environment.


There is a direct relation between the plastic products of these companies and the effects it has on the environment, sea life and eventually us human beings. Once a CEO is made aware of this through the warrant, it morally implies he has to take corporate responsibility and minimize the effects for example through product design, logistics and communication.

By targeting the CEOs of the top ten companies we aim to start a movement towards a plastic pollution free society. And these ten powerful CEOs can make a decisive impact straight away. The high profile nature of the campaign and the discussion arising from it will automatically raise awareness among consumers and legislators. The problems arising from plastic pollution are urgent and we need to tackle these together.

Consumers, legislators and producers all have a shared responsibility to bring about this behavioral change


Let's send 10 more

We are not done yet! And it is up to you too... We can make change but we need your support. Get yourself a €5 share and support us in our confrontation of the CEO’s of the following companies;


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We've send our first 10 bailiffs (deurwaarders).